A granola that goes where no other has gone before

A raw, sugar-free, plant-based granola / snack with adaptogens.
Amazing taste. Keeps you focused and satisfied. No added sugar.

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Why does this product make sense?
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Why does this product make sense?

The journey to eat less sugar can be tough. We are right there with you. Packing as much nutrition & taste as possible while keeping sugar and sugar alcohol at bay is what we specialize into. You will love this.

delicious filled with adaptogens Crap-free

Use for any occasions, add on
yogurt, salad, eat as is.



Ingredients that are
real and good for you

We focus on the best ingredients and avoid the bad ones like a plague. We use
adaptogens such as reishi mushrooms, cordyceps, plant-based ingredients, and ditch cane sugar, sugar alcohol.


Fancy way to say some good things that help you depending on what you need. They can help your focus, your mood, your brain health in general

nuts and seeds

This is a grain-free granola. So we use nuts and seeds such as cashews, almonds, walnut to create the crunch and fill you with nutrition

vanilla beans

To make it tasty and a little sweet

vegan DHA oil

Well for the omega3 we all lack