Making low carb keto bars nutritious and tasty

Our bars are delicious, raw and created for overall performance. They will help keep your gut in check and your brain sharp.
Sugar-Free. Sugar alcohol-free. Plant-based. Gluten-Free

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Why our bars?
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Why our bars?

The journey to eat less sugar can be tough. Some keto bars are actually really bad for you with questionable ingredients, loads of sugar alcohol and harsh processing..

We are all about giving you taste, nutrition and avoiding the harsh stuff as sugar alcohol.

Whether you are looking for a soft texture bar or a crunchy one with full pieces of nuts, you will love this.

delicious filled with adaptogens crap-free

Use any time, late in the day,
early in the morning, as a midday snack…


Strawberry Vanilla

Almond Chocolate

Choco Vanilla

Ingredients that are so
good you won’t believe it

We focus on the best ingredients and avoid the bad ones like a plague. We use
adaptogens such as reishi mushrooms, cordyceps and ditch cane sugar, sugar alcohol. We
use fermented protein in some of them for easy absorption.


Fancy way to say some good things that help you depending on what you need. They can help your focus, your mood, your brain health in general

nuts and seeds

Our keto bars are grain-free. So we use nuts and seeds such as cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds to add extra nutrition or crunch. Some of our bars are soft, and some are crunchy.

vanilla beans

To make it tasty and a little sweet

vegan DHA oil

Well for the omega3 we all lack