Not just a
protein bar

This is a raw plant-based bar with more bioavailable nutrition. Our no baking process allows the bar to retain its nutrition; plus the probiotics in it enhances the absorption, keeping you full longer and without any bloating.
This is science at work, but you would never know it as it tastes amazing!

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The big issue we<br> are solving
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The big issue we
are solving

We have had enough of protein bars that taste like crap and contain crap in them

This is the reason we avoid crappy ingredients like sugar alcohol that interfere with your digestive system and we use the good stuff that helps make it better such as probiotics.

Satisfying delicious crap-free

Use for any occasions, gym, breakfast, school. Top 10 allergens-free (except for coconut)

Chocolate Goji

Apple Cinnamon

Ingredients that are
real and good for you

We focus on the best ingredients and avoid the bad ones like a plague. We use
probiotics, plant based ingredients and ditch cane sugar, sugar alcohol.


We use a robust strain called Bacillus Coagulans for its ability to travel all the way from the stomach to the intestine and remain intact

Hemp seeds

As a source of
omega 3 & fibre


For its protein concentration


For flavour and as a natural sweetener